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The Biggest Contradictions in the 2017 State of Social Marketing Report Today, Simply Measured hosted a webinar unveiling the results from our 2017 State of Social Marketing Report. The webinar served as an exclusive first look into the minds of marketers from all over the world, from industry insights to emerging trends in social marketing to the impact of influencers. With responses from nearly 3,000 social marketers from 111 countries, this was their biggest report to date. During the webinar, Content Marketing Manager Bryan Blackburn joined Lucy Hitz, Head of Marketing and Communications, to discuss some of the key findings from their global survey. They determined that this year was the year of contradictions. They noticed several contradictory themes in our data, including but not limited to:

Facebook Ads and Metrics: New Research for Marketers Wondering if Facebook is still a relevant platform for marketing? Interested in how your colleagues and peers will use Facebook in the coming year? In this article, you’ll discover new insights that show where Facebook marketers are focusing their attention and how you can best take advantage of ads on the platform.

To smiley face or not: the complexity of email etiquette

Emails are ubiquitous in a modern, globalised workforce. However, a well-crafted email can make the sender appear approachable and competent, while a poorly constructed one is less persuasive, and leaves recipients less willing to comply with the request. Alongside making requests and providing information, emails help us build rapport in the workplace and long-term business relationships. So it’s unsurprising that there’s a sizable market for help with email etiquette.

Marketing suffers from a crisis of credibility. Outside of the marketing department, executives often perceive that marketing exists solely to support sales, or that marketing is an “arts and crafts” function that throws parties and churns out brightly-colored brochures.

In this guide, we’ll review the commonalities between satisfied marketing automation users, and we’ll prepare you to place your company in that happy majority. We’ll give you the tools to build a framework of functionality and features, and help you identify the capabilities that will matter most to your success.

You’ve evaluated all of your marketing automation options, and now it’s time to convince management that this investment is worthwhile. Having worked with a number of marketers facing this task, there’s one thing we know for certain: using the website ROI calculator du jour is not going to help. Why not? First, most companies today lack the organizational alignment and processes required to yield exceptional results from a software tool alone. But most ROI tools assume you’ve got people and process nailed down, so it’ll just be a matter of optimizing your funnel and tweaking MQL, SAL,and SQL.