Green Square Library and Plaza

The City is building an innovative underground library that’s also a public plaza.

This will be a place where you can connect, learn, relax and play.

Entering the library through a green walled open-air amphitheatre, you’ll discover an underground living room filled with sunlight and fresh air. At its centre a dynamic sunken garden offers a colourful place for children to play.

A striking 7-storey glass tower will emerge above the plaza. It will house community rooms, reading rooms and a technology suite. And for the musically inclined, an acoustically designed music room featuring a baby grand piano will be available for practice and small recitals.

You won’t even need to enter the library to experience it. Recharge your laptop on a mobile sun lounge in the plaza and use our free wifi to access the library’s world-class e-resources.

At night friends and family can gather in the plaza and enjoy movies and screenings of sports events projected onto the tower’s surface.

The plaza will come alive for City festivals while projections will paint the tower in a new light for Chinese New Year.

Like the public piazzas of Europe, the new library and plaza will be a public space with a soul.


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