When does personaliation become too personal? Research shows your current efforts could be creeping out your customers. Learn how to avoid this scary side effect with this InMoment infographic!

New research commissioned by Officeworks has revealed one in four employed Australians are not completing a tax return, resulting in $890,397,000 worth of unclaimed taxes each year. While more than three-quarters of taxpayers can expect to receive their annual refund, the 2,413,000 Australians that do not make a claim, are missing out on significant funds each year.

More and more small business are recognising the power of Instagram and the part it can play in their marketing strategy. In March this year, Instagram released a statement hinting that the chronological feed may be making a return. However, they have finally confirmed that no, this is not the case.

Every culture has its popular myths: Bigfoot, the abominable snowman… the list goes on. Here are a few myths from retail culture that we uncovered in our recent 2017 Retail Trends Report.

The media has painted millennials as killers of many things — whether it’s napkins, diamonds or bars of soap. And if you pay attention to any of these headlines, you might view the generation as a group of ruthless avocado toast fiends who aren’t interested in any of the traditional products or marketing tactics that have worked for other generations.