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Do better business by joining the SSBC!

South Sydney Business Chamber is passionate and purposeful when it comes to doing business in our region.  We are driven to provide through advocacy, marketing, engagement and events a better work and living environment in the area.  Our role is:

  • To provide a unique voice and the means to build two-way relationships with critical Stakeholders, including all levels of government.
  • Play a leadership role in building trust and successful partnerships with business and the community.
  •  Attract investment and provide access to new technologies, business practices and mentoring, to strengthen commercial capabilities in the area.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to business through advocacy and business support services.
  • Promote, educate and market the benefits of this region to stakeholders from within and beyond our area, as a means of promoting local commerce and community benefits.
  • To provide businesses the tools and support they need to grow their business.
  • To promote the precincts with the intention of attracting events and visitors.
  • To foster economic development and sustainable practice and to encourage:
  • Greater local employment opportunities;
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Increased capacity for local businesses
  • Attracting new business and partnering with existing business

We assist in delivering benefits to businesses in the local suburbs of South Sydney.

There are two formats for applying for membership. 

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (PDF FORMAT)                                                   MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (WORD FORMAT)

Plus as a member you have a connection to over 18,000 members through the NSWBC Local Alliance Program

                       SUPPORTER (complimentary/non-voting)            PARTNER (fully paid/voting)


NSWBC Chamber Alliance

The South Sydney Business Chamber (SSBC) is a member of the NSW Business Chamber Alliance, and through that Alliance we can offer members over $2000 worth of valuable extra benefits. These benefits are only available to fully paid Partner members who opt in to the Alliance. SEE THE FULL BENEFITS